About the Program

The Dublin Exchange Programme dates back to 1996 when St. Xavier’s Collegiate School and Belvedere College, Ireland decided to partner up and conduct one of the most prestigious programs in their history. 

The main aim of the program is to instil in the students a sense of independence, responsibility and the ability to help those in need. From hosting a total stranger from the other side of the world to staying with a stranger, the program covers all aspects of cultural exchange. Every year a new batch is selected by the teachers in September and the journey thereafter is one of the most exciting, thrilling and exhilarating journeys a student can have. 

In November, the fifteen students are selected to host one student from Belvedere College each and have a chance to learn and enjoy with someone, totally different from them. They also have the opportunity to show a student from Dublin the rich heritage and culture of Kolkata. 

Speeding up to February, the group of fifteen visit a village for two days to experience the simple and basic activities of any other villager. 

In May, the students head over to Dublin where each one of the selected gets the chance to accompany their Irish hosts to a community service centre of their choice, where students need to lend a hand for the next two weeks. Exploring the city and learning the daily routine of citizens is also part of the journey alongside a fair share of fun.