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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Being with a group of fifteen teens teeming with talents made an indelible mark in my memory as I accompanied them on their journey to Dublin for the Student Exchange Programme between St. Xavier's Collegiate School and Belvedere College. Twenty-two batches of students and teachers in the past had trodden before us as participants of this Student Exchange Programme, strengthening the bond between the two Jesuit institutions of learning. The members of the student exchange programme were not just tourists or visitors to the host school and families, but ‘Heralds of Glad Tidings' building bridges of mutual understanding and fostering the spirit of cooperation in spite of social and religious and other differences.

During my interaction and informal chats with the students of both schools, I realised that young students all over the world have certain common likes and dislikes, interests and trends, passions and attractions irrespective of linguistic, ethnic, cultural and political diversities. They love to be leaders - to be heard and seen, to be appreciated and recognized. They long for attention - to be in the limelight. They have inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm. They are indefeasible optimists. They are the representatives of a new synergy that is beyond geographical borders and cultural conditioning. They are global citizens who are able to embrace diversity and plurality with ease. As ‘Heralds of Glad Tidings' they are beacons of a new generation fostering peace and harmony, love and affection, unity and brotherhood among their host brothers and their families, between the two Jesuit institutions and between the two democracies.

I am grateful to Mr Gerry Foley, the Headmaster of Belvedere College, Dublin, for his constant encouragement and unflinching support to our staff and students in all our endeavours. I thank Rev. Richard 0 Dwyer SJ. the Superior, and the Jesuit Community of Belvedere College for their wonderful hospitality to our staff. Mr. Henry and the staff of the community have always welcomed our staff with open arms. I sincerely thank Ms. Claire Broderick, Mr. Daniel Meagher, Mr. Gerard Murray, Mr. Stephen Carey, teachers of Belvedere College, Dublin for their warmth and love for our visiting staff and students. I am extremely grateful to Ms. Sandhya Sinha and Mr. Ranjit Bhattacharjee for their dedication, hard work, sacrifices and dynamic leadership in the smooth conduct of the student exchange programme. Thank you to all our dear parents, for their patience and perseverance. I express my gratitude to all our benefactors and well-wishers who continue to support us in several ways. Hearty Congratulations to team ALSOC led by Mr. Shankar Lal Singhal for all that they are doing for the successful conduct of our Student Exchange Programme between the two great Jesuit institutions of Dublin and Kolkata.

Fr. Benny Thomas, SJ

Former Principal

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