Butlers Chocolate Cafe

Butlers is perhaps THE most iconic chocolate shop in Dublin and is famous worldwide. People from all over drool for their luxurious hot chocolate, perfect for the atmosphere in Dublin. There are 40 stores scattered across the globe, with 24 stores in Ireland itself. 

An everyday visit for most of the citizens, Butlers chocolate has become more of a household name. It has become more of a tradition for students to bring home a few boxes of their celebrated goods rather than a formality. The Butlers Easter range is much in demand at the moment, of course, and there’s a great online shop offering a painless way to get everything from hot chocolate to seasonal treats or wedding favours. Available very rarely on amazon and other websites, the availability and popularity could be compared to the popular Milka brand. Overall, butlers chocolate store is a must-visit for someone travelling to Dublin and to ignore the store is a sin. 

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Offbeat Donut

Offbeat Donut is the best donut shop in Dublin, hands down. With a shop located in nearly every region, these donuts are easily accessible and provide a much-needed refreshment. Offering a wide range of flavours ranging from apple crumble to cookies and creme, it also offers vegan donuts so that no one misses out on the delicious goodness. There are so many tasty donuts that one wouldn’t be able to finish all the varieties even if one ate a donut every day for two weeks.

Being from Kolkata, one hardly gets to have a good mouth-watering donut. Hence, it is highly recommended that one eats as many donuts as one can while in Dublin. Also, Offbeat Donuts celebrate their birthday on the 31st of May every year and offer a free special birthday donut to whoever wishes them a happy birthday at a store. Be sure not to miss out on your free donut!

Carrolls Irish Gifts

Carroll's Irish Gifts 

Don’t know what to get for your family back in India? Visit Carroll’s shop and you are sorted.  Established in 1982, Carroll’s position as a leading High Street retailer has been achieved by giving the highest standards of customer service, with an extensive range of top quality products at the keenest prices. From magnets to Irish clothes, Irish jewellery to Irish stationery and accessories, kitchenware to traditional Irish delicacies and dolls, Carroll’s has everything you need. It is your go-to store for anything Irish. 

With more than 12000 products offered, Carroll’s Irish Gifts is 100% Irish owned, has 18 stores in Ireland in prime locations and employs over 400 people. Open 7 days a week, early till late, their services include free in store Wifi, tax free shopping and International shipping service in all branches. One can also get all the in-store products online on their website but it is highly advised that one goes to the store and shops for their dear ones. 



Back in ‘07, Boojum hit the food scene in Ireland as one of the most exciting and disruptive concepts to hit the high street in a long time. What started as a tiny outlet in Botanic Avenue, Belfast, has grown to become Ireland’s most loved Mexican-inspired burrito chain with 17 restaurants across the island and a vision for many more to come. When you come to Boojum, it isn’t just about getting a delicious meal, it’s so much more. They want you to live the experience. Their casual, vibrant restaurants are designed to amplify their Live Out Loud personality. It’s good vibes only at all times.

Their fully customisable menu offers variety and infinite flavour combinations so eating Boojum never has to be boring. Stick to the trusty ‘usual’ if that’s your thing or take a new adventure with every order, it’s up to you. By emphasizing freshness, quality and flavour of the food, Boojum’s food are to die for and you should definitely not miss out on a good old burrito (there are chances you may not like it at the beginning but once you are done with the last bite, you are gonna fall in love with it).

Local Soccer Match

Watch a Local Soccer match

While Gaelic games, Ireland’s unique national sport, are the most-watched sports in Ireland, more people play football than any other sport. Football is especially popular in Dublin’s urban areas. The Leinster Senior Football League, which operates the city’s amateur leagues, has 20 different divisions to suit players of every calibre. With millions of members and thousands of volunteers, they’re central to local communities. Most Irish adults are members of a sports or fitness club so they are a great way to meet like-minded people. Wherever you are in Dublin, the nearest football club is likely to be located just a few minutes away. 

The feel of watching a football match live in a stadium is crazy. The atmosphere and vibes are like nothing you have ever seen before. The games tend to get a little out of hand too, especially between local rivals. If you have never seen a live football match, then you must not miss this golden opportunity to watch one and embrace the adrenaline felt while doing so.